End of 2009 ...

Well haha i guess i should update my dusty blog before 2009 ended. A lot of things been happening in 2009 both good and bad. I know im not really that active in LJ much thanks to Facebook and Twitter lol, so if you guys want to see my daily update just follow either of them. Now... resolution for 2010 -

1. To be more cheerful and happy in life
2. Find a partner
3. Get really lean and fit before meeting up with limbebe ( i want to be Rain before the mid of 2010 so i can win a bet and earn my $10 :P LOL )

i guess thats all i want to say here.. enjoy your last day of 2009 guys :)

off to Japan

hi there, been a while since i updated my journal lol. Just another quick update that ill be going to japan this monday so i guess i should write it down here and post pictures when im back or so.

orz... will be missing 10 days worth of lectures :S how am i going to catch up with that ? 8D ... bleh who cares well just see how it goes aha

lol why i always write very short entry monthly

bleh lol hahaha Happy raya to all of the Muslims around the world !!!

i would love to update more here but i guess Twitter and fb really eat up my time the most-

pics... ummm ill post some when i feel like it rofl

updating for the sake of updating-

and yeah turned 22 a few days ago , thanks again everyone who greeted !!! love the presents.. even though most of them are alive;; might post a pic of them soon :s now its raya week !!!

blah blah blah

sob sob today's the end of my long holidays. back to uni soon :( !!! hmmm i guess i enjoyed my holidays since a lot of stuff going on and also some things that i didnt get to settle :)

hopefully i can update more here .. since new term starts i should be twittering more at uni now

La' Prominence !!

oh hay people yesterday i finally got the artbook from the printing shop !!

here are some preview pics in the book-

most of the artworks made good printing except a *few* of them got ''stretched'' a bit due to incorrect dimension orz /lesson learnt well its not that life threatening i guess /swt

today its suppose to be Devmeet but sadly it have to be postponed till 20th december waa waa waa

so much for printing the artbook but i guess i should try selling this at a local bookstore first- ...
and have to send the free copies to the guest artists too orz ... ill sort that out soon since im low on munnies for sending them on mail-

on other things heres how my triops aquarium look like ...it added the biological feel to my room now lolol


La' Prominence

Looks like a nice BL cover dont you think-

after months of working stuff out, im finally done with This artbook thingy orz

La' Prominence is a 75 page full color artbook where the contents mostly include artworks from locals and some foreign international Guest artist around the world 8) ... the contents are mostly dominated by me and gai ... and everyone else is there to contribute and fill up the book-

thanks again for everyone who contributed orz too bad aki you didnt get to join :c maybe in the future saja-

bah i should rest orz lack of sleep lately ... plus going to go to the printing shop first thing in the morning :S

Triops have 3 eyes !!! - Day 4-7 and beyond

whoops guys sorry for not updating about the triops 8D .. cos theres nothing much going on so ill just summarize what happened from day 4 - 7

Day 4 - It grew really rapidly at this stage... its too big for it to swim in the small hatchery bowl.

Day 5 - Thats where i moved it into a bigger tank. This is its new home starting from that day

day 6 - i tried to take picture of the triops as clear as possible but it kept moving around so i have to bait it using food to make it stand still. the orange bits are carrot peels btw

Day 7 - the magic starts !!!! after 1 week old , my triop started to lay eggs 8D like oh my !!!! is this some pedomorphosis- imagine a one week baby start to give birth.... anyways lol
starting from that day forward it lay its eggs into the blue colored sand that i prepared. If you look closely, the white tiny dots are the eggs 8D ... ill be sure to harvest all of them until it died off. And yes, Triops are hermaphrodite so it can fertilise its own egg and reproduce asexually

as for now.. i dunno what else to say since the triop only have a lifespan of 1-2 months :c ... i hope the eggs are viable after it is dried off so i can start a new generation soon-

Triops have 3 eyes !!! - Day 3

So far theres no new trioplets hatchlings seen in the hatchery, even not much news on the 2nd batch but what i notices that the single triops that hatched yesterday grew at a very fast rate !

since my camera is too sucky to take pic of my tiny triops, ill just draw what i see during its growth time-

now the triop looks a bit whitish but it has a nice pink streak on its tail ! .. and somehow got small spikes surrounding em :S

already prepared the larger aquarium and even bought a small sucker fish. hopefully they can live together well in the future-