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Triops have 3 eyes !!! - Day 4-7 and beyond

whoops guys sorry for not updating about the triops 8D .. cos theres nothing much going on so ill just summarize what happened from day 4 - 7

Day 4 - It grew really rapidly at this stage... its too big for it to swim in the small hatchery bowl.

Day 5 - Thats where i moved it into a bigger tank. This is its new home starting from that day

day 6 - i tried to take picture of the triops as clear as possible but it kept moving around so i have to bait it using food to make it stand still. the orange bits are carrot peels btw

Day 7 - the magic starts !!!! after 1 week old , my triop started to lay eggs 8D like oh my !!!! is this some pedomorphosis- imagine a one week baby start to give birth.... anyways lol
starting from that day forward it lay its eggs into the blue colored sand that i prepared. If you look closely, the white tiny dots are the eggs 8D ... ill be sure to harvest all of them until it died off. And yes, Triops are hermaphrodite so it can fertilise its own egg and reproduce asexually

as for now.. i dunno what else to say since the triop only have a lifespan of 1-2 months :c ... i hope the eggs are viable after it is dried off so i can start a new generation soon-
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